Bela Rose: A very early and productive potato variety

Potato "Bela Rose", or "Bellarosa", refers to the early varieties of German selection. The originator of the variety is Europlant pflanzenzucht-GMBH. Potatoes of this variety are included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2006 and approved for use in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth and Ural regions.

Characteristics of the variety “Bella Rosa”

The plant is formed quite tall, intermediate type, upright. Leaves of large sizes, closed type, green staining. The waviness of the edges is weak. Floral corollas of medium size, reddish-purple color.

Root crops of oval-rounded or elongated-elongated shape, covered with a slightly rough skin of red color. The mass of one root crop is from 118 to 210 g. Eyes are small in size. The flesh is light yellow, closer to beige, color. Contains 15.7% starch. Potato marketability from 82 to 99%. Harvest keeping time is 93%.

In addition to high palatability and excellent marketability, the variety shows resistance to the pathogen of potato cancer and the golden potato cyst nematode. The period from the appearance of seedlings to the technical maturity of root crops is 70-75 days. Average indicators of total productivity reach 320 kg / ha.

Potato "Bela Rose": cultivation and care

Rules for landing belaross

Potatoes "Belosa Rose" should be planted on high quality prepared, light, well-fertilized and characterized by high-quality breathability soils. For very early cultivation, potato tubers of this variety are recommended to germinate.

When planting early varieties used both for summer consumption and for storage in winter, certain rules should be followed:

  • a site for potatoes should be prepared starting in the fall, when deep digging is carried out with the introduction of the maximum amount of fertilizer;
  • in the spring period, if necessary, depending on the condition of the soil on the site, re-digging, leveling the surface and marking the rows along the cord should be carried out;

  • landing holes are recommended to be placed with a distance of 25-30 cm, maintaining a distance between rows of 60-65 cm;
  • before lowering the seed tubers into the holes, pour about 0.5 kg of humus in each with the addition of 1 tbsp. l wood ash;
  • after the end of planting, the soil surface in the area is accurately leveled with a rake.

The peculiarity of the Belosa Rose variety is its ability to demonstrate high productivity on different types of soil. This variety has absolutely no susceptibility to adverse weather conditions, and also does not suffer from stress as a result of drought and high temperature indicators, which makes it popular as a starting variety for growing inexperienced gardeners.

Potato Care Features

Potato varieties "Bela Rose" has gained particular popularity among the potato growers of our country due to its unpretentiousness and ability to easily adapt to non-standard weather conditions. Care for potatoes of this variety is to comply with the most basic measures.

  1. Weeding should be regular and accompanied by surface loosening of the soil between the potato rows.
  2. When using mulch of organic origin, including straw, the need for weeding and loosening is significantly reduced, and the optimum moisture content, which is necessary for tuberization, is preserved.
  3. One of the most important activities that are required by the potato in the initial period of development is the hilling process. It not only improves the aeration characteristics of the soil, but also increases the area of ​​plant nutrition.
  4. The rapid absorption of nutrients from the soil and the high productivity of Belosa Rose potatoes require the use of high-quality and effective fertilizers.
  5. A good result is shown not only by root dressing, but also by spraying tops. During the growing season, three top dressings are carried out, which are important at the initial stage of plant development. The abnormal fertilizer application in the last phases of the growing season often causes the accumulation of harmful substances in the tubers.

To protect potato plantings from pests, the tops are treated with insecticides, and in order to increase the resistance of plants to diseases, effective and modern fungicides are used. Against the Colorado potato beetle, Bitoxibacillin or Bicol are used. Spraying during the growing season with "Binom" allows you to destroy aphids. Potatoes can be protected from late blight and alternariosis with the help of Bravo, Maxim and Infinito.

Potato growers reviews

Gardeners note that potatoes of the Belosa Rose variety are extremely rare and have excellent immunity to bacterial rot, potato cancer, viral infections, a golden potato cyst nematode and scab. According to consumer reviews, this potato is very tasty and belongs to the type of cooking B.

Potato "Bela Rose": harvest

In addition, the Belosa rose variety has increased keeping quality of the crop, which is excellently preserved throughout the winter, and is also characterized by minimal susceptibility to mechanical damaging factors. Most often, this high-yielding super-early table variety is grown with the aim of delivering potatoes to vegetable markets very early. High agricultural technology allows you to get a plentiful, as well as the highest quality crop.