Strawberry "Alpha": features and rules of cultivation

Strawberries of the Alpha variety from the originator of VSTISP are included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. This variety is recommended for cultivation in garden plots in the Central region and is characterized by late ripening. The Alpha strawberry variety is suitable for technical processing.

Description and characteristic

Qualitative characteristics and description of the variety are given by the Kokinsky stronghold of VSTISP. Non-spontaneous strawberry "Alpha" forms medium, semi-spreading, well-leafy bushes. Whiskers are formed relatively thick, few, pinkish-green staining. The leaves are medium sized, green in color, with a slight wrinkling, slightly ribbed, convex, bare, dull, with a rugged edge. Stipules of green color, rather wide and short. Flowering bisexual. The flowers are medium in size, white, untwisted. Peduncles are medium, located below the level of leaves. Inflorescences are relatively compact, medium-flowered.

Berries have a very attractive regular shape, no neck. The main color of the strawberry surface is red, the glossiness is average. The pulp of a fully ripe berry is dense and juicy, sweet and sour taste, with a pronounced aroma. Berry juice contains a little less than 6% of sugars, about 1% acid and 75 mg of vitamin C. Berries received a tasting score of 3.8 points. The average weight of the berries does not exceed 10-12 g. The average plant yield does not exceed 58.1 c / ha.

Wild strawberry "Alpha": features of a grade

Landing Features

To unleash your potential productivity, Strawberries of the Alpha variety must be planted and grown, strictly observing the basic requirements for cultivation.

  • Seedlings with an open root system must be planted in spring or August.
  • When planting strawberry seedlings or strawberry rosettes, it is very important to ensure that the growth point is located at the level of the soil surface.
  • You can’t grow garden strawberries on the site after garden crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes.

  • Like most other garden crops, strawberries are best planted on a cloudy day or in the evening.
  • In a small area, a two-line landing pattern is applied, assuming a distance between rows of at least 60-70 cm and between lines of about 35-40 cm.
  • After planting, strawberry bushes are required to be poured at the rate of 3 liters of water per square meter of planting area.
  • You can not plant the plant too deep: this can cause evaporation. Exercising too shallow planting often entails drying and death of the plant.

Care Tips

Strawberries called "Alpha" refers to unpretentious cultivars in cultivation, which involves standard care.

  1. Garden strawberries constantly need watering, which are carried out before flowering, after it, as well as during ripening of berries and after harvesting. However, the plant does not tolerate waterlogging, as a result of which it can be affected by diseases or pests.
  2. Fertilizing in early spring is necessary to obtain the highest quality and tasty crop. The very first spring feeding of garden strawberries is carried out at the beginning of the garden season, after the snow melts.
  3. A couple of times during the season, it is recommended to use urea or superphosphate, as well as mullein, a solution of bird droppings or grassy green fertilizer as a top dressing for garden strawberries.
  4. It is necessary to loosen and weed strawberry plantings regularly, but at the fruiting phase, such measures should be carried out with great care.
  5. To reduce the number of weeds and loosening and to preserve soil moisture, the ridges are mulched.
  6. When processing strawberry bushes, it is very important to spray the bottom side of the leaves with insect-fungicidal agents, which will make the protection more effective and complete.

Alpha garden strawberries can be grown both in open ground and in the greenhouse. In any conditions, plants need to be watered with warm water, plantings must be weeded, and soil should be regularly loosened, strawberries must be protected from pests and various diseases in a timely manner.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberries called "Alpha" refers to large-fruited varieties of Russian selection and is characterized by a late ripening period, as well as high winter hardiness. Yield, according to gardeners, reaches 1.1 kg per square meter.

How to care for wild strawberries

Strawberry "Alpha" was obtained as a result of crossing varieties "Surprise Olympiad" and "Festival chamomile" and received the best qualities from parent plants, which makes gardeners interested in it. The variety is very weakly affected by white and brown spots, is characterized by relative resistance to damage by gray rot, therefore it does not need to carry out a large number of preventive sprayings, which is also a plus for any owner of a personal plot.