Potato "Rocco": a very productive and disease resistant variety

Potato "Rocco": a very productive and disease resistant variety

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Dutch potato "Rocco", or Rokko, in a fairly short time managed to become extremely popular and in demand in many countries, including Russia. Description of the variety, as well as the characteristics of this potato from the NIEDEROSTERREICISCHE SAATBAUGENOSSENSCHAFT originator, are attractive for home gardening and industrial cultivation.

Grade description

The variety belongs to mid-season potato varieties, and the growing season, depending on climatic conditions and weather, takes 100-115 days. Rocco potato bushes of medium height, erect. The flowers have a red-violet color. The tubers are oval in shape, covered with a red peel. Creamy potato pulp. The average weight of the tuber does not exceed 125 g.

In each potato nest, a dozen smooth and outwardly attractive tubers are formed. Productivity of commodity tubers reaches 400 centners per hectare. Indices of keeping quality are quite high and make up 88-89%. The starch content is not more than 14.5%. Taste indicators are excellent. The variety belongs to the category of highly resistant to major potato diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Rocco variety has been cultivated by vegetable growers of our country for more than ten years and is still among the top most popular and widespread, which due to the large number of advantages and the almost complete absence of disadvantages:

  • excellent taste;
  • high drought tolerance;
  • crop stability;
  • marketability from 91% to 99%.
  • external appeal of tubers;
  • resistance to defeat by viruses Y and Yn and to a potato nematode;
  • average resistance to twisting of leaves;
  • potato tops and tubers are resistant to late blight, immunity to potato cancer.

Potato tubers of this variety are very popular not only for cooking homemade dishes, but also for processing into crisp.

What kind of potato to choose

Dates and features of landing

Most often, planting dates are selected based on the climate in the growing region. Rocco potatoes are planted in the southern and central regions in the second decade of March and early April.

In the northern regions, weather conditions do not allow landing so early. However, being late with planting potatoes for only two weeks, the gardener runs the risk of getting a decrease in yield by almost 50%.

Compliance with agricultural technology contributes to a good and high-quality crop:

  • A high yield of vegetable crops is observed when using for planting plots represented by floodplain, sod-podzolic, loamy or sandy loam soils with a neutral reaction.
  • The site should be as flat as possible, clean from weeds, well warmed up and as open as possible, without snow retention.
  • The tubers should be of high quality, without signs of infection and mechanical damage, it is recommended to carry out pre-planting processing of Epin potatoes.

In order to annually replenish the soil with microelements, it is necessary to use wood ash, which should be applied not only at the stage of digging, but also in the planting holes, as well as in the process of feeding.

Care Rules

Rocco potatoes are unpretentious, grows well even with insufficient care, and its cultivation is excellent for beginner gardeners when performing the necessary agricultural practices:

  • Of particular importance are weeds, which should be as thorough as possible and as regular as possible.
  • Watering is carried out on dry days, as well as if the soil is very dry. A good effect is achieved by applying a mulching layer.
  • Of no small importance is the systematic loosening of the soil between plants and rows, which helps to increase the air permeability of the soil.
  • It is very important to use siderata plants as biological fertilizers. Lupine, for example, is able to rid the planting site of wintering larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, and planted mustard is able to fight wireworms that are dangerous for potatoes.
  • To protect against diseases and pests, prophylactic spraying of potato tops with both folk remedies and modern insecticides and fungicides can be used.
  • Harvesting is carried out after the potato tops have completely turned yellow and grow weaker, which indicates the onset of the technical maturity of the tubers.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics and characteristics of growing Irish potatoes of the Banba variety.

Reviews of gardeners

Potato "Rocco" refers to the table variety. Fans of this variety note that it has excellent taste, and after cooking, the potato flesh does not darken at all. This potato is very crumbly, when cooked it is characterized by a very pronounced pleasant potato aroma. It attracts attention and a bright pink color.

According to the reviews of many vegetable growers, the Rocco variety is very hygroscopic, therefore, both during planting and throughout the growing season, the plant is very responsive to plentiful watering.

Potato "Rocco" is deservedly considered one of the record holders for productivity. Subject to all the rules of cultivation, potato growers get a very high yield.

How to prepare the soil for planting

Resistance to numerous potato diseases is another valuable quality of this varietal potato. Even under adverse growing conditions, the yield of this variety deserves sincere respect.