Potato "Romano": description of the variety and features of cultivation

Potato "Romano" is a popular food grade from the originators "AGRICO U.A." and “Zedek” farm, was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 1994 and approved for cultivation in the Russian Federation on the territory of several regions at once, including Central, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth and Far East.

Grade characteristics

Potato bushes of the Romano variety are tall and erect. Corollas of flowers of medium size, have a reddish-purple color. Short-oval root crops, weighing about 95 g, are covered with a dense and smooth pink skin. Eyes of medium depth.

The flesh is light cream in color. It contains 14-17% starch and about 19% dry matter. Taste and commercial qualities are excellent. The taste score on a five-point scale is 5 points. Ripening is medium early. The period from seedlings to technical maturity does not exceed 70-90 days. The total yield is 0.85 kg per bush.

The variety is especially appreciated by potato growers and gardeners for good productivity, as well as stable marketability of root crops. In addition, the variety is resistant to late blight of tubers, is relatively resistant to late blight of leaves, and is also characterized by medium resistance to causative agents of viral diseases and common scab. The plant is resistant to cancer, but susceptible to the golden potato nematode. High resistance to germination and insufficient moisture is observed.

What kind of potato to choose

Planting potatoes

Planting dates may vary depending on weather conditions and climatic conditions in the cultivation region. Potato "Romano" belongs to the category of medium-yielding varieties, and for the formation of marketable fruits, planting is required in accordance with the basic requirements. Besides, It is important to make the right choice and preparation of planting material:

  • It is recommended to plant pure-grown tubers, the weight of which varies from 50 to 100 g;
  • if for planting it is necessary to use small planting material, weighing from 10 to 20 g, 2-4 potato tubers should be placed in each planting hole;
  • for faster germination and germination, it is advisable to keep the planting material in the light at a temperature of 14-16 ° C for a month;
  • it is advisable to treat the planting material with mineral fertilizers, wood ash diluted in water, or growth stimulants.

The plot for potato planting must be open and sunny. In the presence of high-lying groundwater, landing is carried out on ridges or ridges.

Acidic soil should be supplemented with lime or dolomite flour. Heavy clay and loamy soils require a bucket of peat or humus to be added per square meter. For sandy and sandy loamy soils, in addition to humus and peat, the introduction of clay soil will be relevant. Peat soil is improved by sand of large fractions, clays, rotted manure or high-quality compost. As a mineral top dressing for the digging of each square meter of the landing area, a mixture of 2 tbsp. l superphosphate, 1 tbsp. l potassium sulfate and a glass of wood ash.

Care Features

Sprouted potatoes "Romano" will sprout about three weeks after planting. Germinated tubers form seedlings much earlier. The main measures for potato care after planting are standard and consist of weeding planting, harrowing, several irrigation and hilling.

  • The first treatment of plantings in the form of cultivating row-spacings and harrowing is carried out no later than five to seven days after the appearance of mass shoots. Proper hilling contributes to the rapid development of plants and accelerates not only flowering, but also tuberization.
  • As a rule, experienced potato growers feed the plants in three stages: during emergence, at the budding and flowering phases.
  • Foliar micronutrient feeding is only effective when the soil is adequately supplied with essential nutrients.

Competent preventive spraying of potato varieties "Romano" bring an extremely positive result. Copper-containing preparations are most often used to protect plants from diseases and pests. With a low number of pests, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly potato plant protection products.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Romano" deservedly has positive reviews and is very popular among gardeners. According to the observations of potato growers, the plant has fairly strong stems and leaves, which greatly minimizes damage to potato tops by the Colorado potato beetle. The variety attracts vegetable growers with a marketable appearance of fruits, as well as good taste indicators.

How to grow potatoes

About ten potatoes are formed in each nest. The tubers are very beautiful in appearance, almost all are the same in size, there are few small root crops, and most often they are formed exclusively in lean years. Harvested crops are very well stored in an ordinary cellar, subject to good drying and proper handling. Potato varieties "Romano" is practically not damaged during transportation, even over long distances. Tubers are ideal for all types of heat treatment, including frying, boiling and stewing.