Broccoli casserole: recipes for making a simple and healthy culinary masterpiece

The widespread use by our compatriots of broccoli (Brassicaoleracea, or Brassicasilvestris) in cooking lasts no more than two decades, although the ancient Romans knew about it and its beneficial properties about two millennia ago. Translated from Latin, its name means "hand." After all, it really looks like a clenched fist in shape. Cauliflower, which has milky white inflorescences, is the closest relative of this cabbage. In broccoli, they are most often green, although there are specimens with white, yellow and purple inflorescences.

Nutritional Benefits

Thanks to the many vitamins and minerals that make up this cabbage, it is extremely healthy and recognized as an important food product worldwide. She is rich:

  1. Fiber, which helps to remove toxins from the body.
  2. Calcium (competing with dairy products), so it is indispensable in baby food.
  3. Potassium, without which the work of the brain and all muscles, including the heart, is not complete.
  4. Sodium, regulating the water-salt metabolism of the body, intracellular osmotic pressure.
  5. Chlorophyll, which improves blood composition.

Besides, Broccoli has almost the entire spectrum of vitamins. So, vitamin C in it is almost three times more than in citrus. Beta carotene in this cabbage is only slightly less than in carrots and pumpkins. But it is important for eye health and youthful skin.

The amino acids that this vegetable is rich in are involved in the formation of serotonin, aptly called the "hormone of happiness."

A recent discovery by scientists was the presence in broccoli of a unique substance - sulfofran, which effectively fights ulcers and even cancer of the stomach.

The calorie content of 100 grams of steamed diet cabbage is only 34 kcal. All its useful properties after such heat treatment are maximally preserved. There are a lot of carbohydrates and proteins in broccoli (twice as much as in cauliflower). In fried cabbage, calories are one third more, but it is almost as useful.

Broccoli casserole: simple and tasty

Broccoli Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are perhaps the most popular broccoli dish. Their options, designed for different tastes, a lot.

Basic recipe

The simplest recipe includes the following products and techniques for cooking vegetable casseroles:

  • 500 grams of inflorescences are boiled for a couple of minutes;
  • lubricate the baking dish with oil and sprinkle with flour or crushed crackers;
  • spread vegetables in it;
  • slightly salt and pepper them;
  • pour a glass of sour cream or mayonnaise;
  • bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.

At the end, you can sprinkle the dish with a handful of grated cheese.

With cauliflower

For such a casserole you will need an equal amount (150 g each) of both types of cabbage and sour cream, 2 eggs, lemon juice and a little cheese. The eggs are beaten, salt and pepper are added to them, then sour cream. Everything is mixed up. Steamed vegetables are laid out in a prepared form, sprinkled with lemon juice, seasoned with spices (coriander, pepper) and poured with the above mixture. On top of the workpiece sprinkled with cheese. Baked in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

With cheese and eggs

Easy to prepare vegetable casserole with cheese and eggs. For 6 servings, you need a pound of broccoli, 4 eggs, half a glass of milk, a little cream, 3 tablespoons of flour, a few tablespoons of grated cheese. For piquancy, a spoonful of dry mustard and a little nutmeg is added to the dish.

Cooking sequence:

  • broccoli dips for 5 minutes in boiling water, then it is sharply cooled in ice water and reclines in a colander;
  • beat eggs, cream, milk, mustard;
  • sifted flour, salt, pepper, spices are added there;
  • the cabbage laid out in the mold is poured with the prepared mixture, sprinkled with cheese and sent for 40 minutes to the preheated oven.

Dietary with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese - diet casserole option. For her, you need a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, an equal weight amount of vegetables, 100 g of grated cheese.

Prepared cabbage should be finely chopped, mixed with cottage cheese, salt and pepper, sprinkle with grated cheese. Put in the form, and then send to the oven.

With potatoes and carrots

Vegetable - with potatoes and carrots. We need equal amounts of vegetables, 2 eggs, half a glass of milk, nutmeg.

Boiled potatoes in a peel, peeled, cut into circles. The peeled carrots are finely chopped, and the broccoli is parsed into separate pieces. In the prepared form lay the vegetables in layers, pepper, salt. Then pour eggs whipped with milk and nutmeg, sprinkled with grated cheese. Bake at 220 degrees 40 minutes.

Broccoli Meat Casserole

This dish is very tasty and satisfying. It can be cooked with chicken, minced meat, bacon, ham. In the first option, you need chicken breast, 2 eggs, 300 g of broccoli, 3 potatoes, half a glass of milk or sour cream diluted with chicken broth, cheese, spices.

The dish is prepared like this:

  • chicken meat is fried in vegetable oil or cooked;
  • cabbage is steamed, mixed with boiled potatoes and chicken (they are cut into cubes) and laid out in a prepared form;
  • from above the product is poured with eggs beaten with milk, spices are added there;
  • before baking, the dish is sprinkled with grated cheese;
  • half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Methods and time of preparation

Broccoli casserole can be cooked in the oven, slow cooker, in a grill:

  1. In the oven at an average temperature (180-220 degrees), it should be from 20 (cottage cheese) to 40 minutes (meat with minced meat).
  2. In a slow cooker you can, for example, fry onions for 10 minutes in the modes "Frying", "Vegetables". And in the "Cooking" mode, boil cabbage in salted water for 2 minutes. Vegetables, filled with egg-sour cream mixture, in the "Baking" mode, are cooked up to half an hour.
  3. In an aerogrill, a cottage cheese casserole with broccoli at the average fan speed and a temperature of 205 degrees is baked as much.

Feed options

Broccoli casserole can be both a cold appetizer and a main course. It is served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, that is, it is appropriate everywhere and always.

Typically, this dish is cut into portioned pieces. You can arrange them in the form of various geometric shapes, sprinkle with herbs. Depending on the purpose of the dish, you can serve it with sauce (sour cream, mustard, etc.), vegetable salad, cold cuts or cheese.

This is a satisfying addition to tea (instead of a pie or dessert). The cottage cheese casserole with broccoli goes well with unsweetened mousses, yogurt, cream. There is enough room for imagination, because this dish will harmoniously fit into any diet.

How to cook broccoli casserole in a slow cooker

It is not in vain that broccoli is popular in different countries, being hardly a national dish in many of them. This vegetable contains vitamins, trace elements, and many other unique substances. This cabbage is also liked by those who are overweight, and gourmets, and children, and the elderly. A variety of broccoli casseroles is a pleasant and healthy addition to each table.