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Peach "Red Haven": a highly productive popular variety

Peach "Red Heaven" ("Red Heaven") bred by American breeders at the University of Michigan more than seventy years ago. Currently, this is one of the most popular varieties and in industrial plantings in America, it occupies at least 70% of all areas allocated for fruit culture.

Description, photos and characteristics of the variety

The Red Haven peach tree is relatively low, with a wide and well-shaped crown. The leaves are long and wide, tapering to the top. Flowering is observed from the last decade of April or in the middle of May, which depends on the region of cultivation. The flowers are medium sized, bright pink, with a pronounced aroma.

The plant enters the fruiting phase approximately three or four years after planting. The crop is formed from the last decade of July until mid-August, depending on the climatic conditions in the growing region. "Redhaven" refers to high-yielding varieties. From an adult tree, you can collect 40-50 kg of fruit. The maximum yield is reached in the tenth year and amounts to about 110 kg of peaches.

Fruits are large in size, weighing from 120 to 210 g. Slight flattening from the sides is observed. The average diameter of the marketable fruit is 0.55-0.65 cm. The skin is velvety, easily removed from fully ripened peaches. The skin color is saturated, bright red. Ripe pulp is very juicy, yellowish-orange. The stone is relatively small, well separated from the ripe pulp.

Peach "Red Haven": features of the variety

Growing requirements

The peach of the American selection "Red Haven" has excellent characteristics, and its cultivation is not difficult both for experienced gardeners and beginner summer residents who want to have this southern fruit in their garden. This variety can be grown both by planting seedlings, and from seed material in the form of peach seeds.

"Redhaven" is recommended to be grown on the most even or slightly elevated areas. When choosing a site for planting seedlings, it must be remembered that this heat-loving southern plant grows best and develops on medium loamy soils with high moisture transmittance and improved air exchange.

Peach trees need good lighting, so they should receive at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. Peach seedlings are not recommended to be planted in areas where melons and gourds were previously grown, as well as garden strawberries, nightshade plants or clover. Redhaven peaches should be planted on the south side of the site, in a place protected from the gusty north wind.

Peaches should be planted according to the scheme established by the growing technology, which is 5 x 3 m. It is important that before severe frosts the plants have time to settle down and acclimatize. In central Russia, it is recommended to plant Redhaven peach trees in spring, before the buds swell on the seedlings.

Reviews and recommendations of gardeners

Peach "Red Haven" is not only one of the main industrial varieties in the United States and several countries of Western Europe, but also very popular among Russian gardeners. The fruits primarily attracted in this variety are large, spherical, golden yellow, with a pronounced bright red blush. The palatability of the flesh is rated very highly, and on the tasting scale are just under five points.

The increased mobility of the harvested crop and high productivity make the variety in demand for commercial use. Gardeners quite often grow Red Haven peach in order to further realize the harvest.

Curl of leaves: how to save a peach

Prunus persica "Redhaven" is a very winter-hardy species and, when cultivated in the southern regions, does not need shelter for the winter period. This variety has excellent resistance to curliness and most fungal infections, which reduces the use of modern chemical insectofungicides and increases the environmental performance of the harvest.