Peach "Ambassador of the World": description of the variety and recommendations for care

Peach "Ambassador of the World" (Prunus persica "Posol mira") is one of the most popular varieties in home gardening cultivated by experienced breeders of GNSS. The variety belongs to the category of high-yielding, unpretentious and quite frost-resistant.

Varietal characteristic and description

A peach called the “Ambassador of Peace” forms a tree of average height, growing with proper care up to 5-6 m. The crowns of the plants are quite lush, sprawling and rounded. The laying of flower buds occurs on all types of shoots.

Fruits are rounded, very attractive in appearance. The weight of a marketable peach is 180-210 g. The skin is yellowish carmine. The pulp of a ripe yellow fruit is quite juicy, relatively fibrous, with a pleasant taste. The bone is separated from the ripe pulp with slight difficulty. Assessment of fruit taste on a tasting scale is 4.8 points.

Care Features

When growing the peach “Ambassador of the World”, the choice of site and proper soil preparation are of great importance. It should be borne in mind that when cultivating heat-loving plants in shaded areas on young shoots, the wood does not have time to fully mature until the autumn period, and flower buds are very poorly laid.

A plot intended for growing peach trees should be well lit throughout the day by the sun, and kept in a state clean of weeds. According to the description of the variety, the planting of fruit seedlings is best done on moist, slightly acidic soils with good drainage and groundwater not closer than 0.8-1.5 m to the surface. It is best suited for growing peaches on the south and south-west side of the garden or orchard.

Peach "Ambassador of the World": variety description

When cultivating peach, it is necessary to strictly follow the basic recommendations for agricultural technology:

  • peach trees need abundant watering when planting and during fruiting;
  • despite the high drought tolerance, a fruit plant without four times watering at the stage of active vegetation will bring a small crop with low palatability of the fruit;
  • the presence of podzolized soil in the area intended for fruit planting involves the periodic application of organic, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, and when growing peaches on sod-podzolic soil, it is necessary to regularly use mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • preventive spraying of peach trees in the spring must be carried out several times, the first treatment of plants is carried out before the buds open;

  • for spring spraying, it is recommended to use the popular Chorus preparation at the rate of ½ tablespoon per 10 liters of water or a freshly prepared 3% solution of Bordeaux liquid;
  • in the autumn period it is very important to process fruit trees with a solution of sulfur and lime or special insectofungicides;
  • pruning of plants in the spring should be done until the spring growth of fruit trees is activated;
  • proper pruning will not allow depletion of fruit plantings and will help to form a crown of a plant convenient for leaving and harvesting.

After harvesting, it is necessary to qualitatively warm the fruit trees, as well as to whitewash the stem and mulch the organic tree trunks. In areas with cold winters, shelter should be provided to plants to protect peach trees from freezing.

Gardeners reviews

Peach "Ambassador of the World" ripens around the second half of August. According to gardeners, the variety is hardy and has high resistance to late frost in the spring. The variety belongs to the category of popular self-fertile varieties and brings regular, very abundant crops in the absence of pollinating plants.

The average productivity of an adult fruiting peach tree of the Posol mira variety can vary from 80 to 100 centners per 1 ha. According to the observations of experienced gardeners, the branches of productive and abundant fruiting plants often break under the weight of the crop, therefore, it is necessary to carry out the correct normalizing pruning of trees every year.

How to shape a peach crown

Sufficient resistance to low temperature conditions allows you to grow this variety even in regions with relatively difficult climatic conditions without compromising the quality characteristics of the fruit. The peach variety "Ambassador of Peace" is highly regarded and recommended for cultivation in home gardening in most regions of our country.