Peach "Fleming Fury": cultivation rules and characteristics of the variety

Peach "Fleming Fury" ("Flemin'Furi") is one of the best varieties of late ripening, bred by American breeders.

Complete harvest ripening in the presence of favorable soil and climatic conditions and the observance of the cultivation technology occurs in the first decade or mid-September. The fruit of this variety was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest peach in the world.

Grade description

Plants are characterized by pronounced overgrowth, productivity and early maturity. Peaches are round in shape, very large. The mass of marketable fruit is 250-450 g. On the skin there is a fairly pronounced dark red blush, occupying almost 80-85% of the surface. Fully ripened fruits have yellow-orange, juicy, with very high palatability flesh. It is completely and quite easily separated from the bone. The tasting score is 4.9-5 points.

The plants are self-pollinated, very unpretentious in cultivation, but responsive to high agricultural technology. In addition to fairly high winter hardiness, the variety compares favorably with absolute immunity to kinkiness. Peach "Fleming Fury" belongs to the category of promising for industrial cultivation, therefore, seedlings are in great demand by small farms and large agro-industrial complexes in many countries.

Peach "Fleming Fury": variety features

How to get seedlings from seed

Peach American selection "Fleming Fury" is known in almost all countries of the world. However, high-quality planting material in our country is currently quite problematic to find. Meanwhile, experienced gardeners have long and with great success grown the most promising and interesting varieties from the point of view of home gardening on their own, without the help of nurseries and crop companies.

Saplings of the sort "Flemin'Furi" can be obtained quite easily from an ordinary fruit seed. The process is not too laborious, but requires compliance with certain rules:

  • for the cultivation of a productive fruit seedling, it is recommended to use seeds from already fully ripe, but without signs of fruit damage;
  • preference should be given to zoned varieties, as well as fruits that are grown on root plants rather than on grafted fruit trees;
  • it is necessary to thoroughly wash the extracted bone from the remains of the pulp, and then carry out stratification by placing the planting material in a cold place for the entire winter period;

  • stratification is best done in the fruit box of an ordinary household refrigerator, placing bones in moist sawdust or sand;
  • You can plant a bone after it burst and a sprout has appeared;
  • planting soil mixture can be prepared independently, but it is best to use nutritious soil designed for growing garden crops or garden plants;
  • before planting, it is necessary to disinfect the planting mixture by exposure to high temperatures, and then fill it with sufficiently spacious seedling containers;
  • The standard seed placement in a sufficiently moistened nutrient soil is approximately 4-5 cm.

In the process of growing peach seedlings at home, it is recommended to periodically feed the plants with complex fertilizers, which must necessarily include potassium and nitrogen. Besides, microclimatic conditions should be observed, as well as regular watering of plants with room temperature water.

Transplant peach seedlings to a permanent place in the soil should be after the plant is strong enough, and also the threat of return spring frosts will pass. Planting such seedlings in the fall does not always justify itself, since insufficiently mature plants freeze in the winter.

Gardeners reviews

Peach pulp "Fleming Fury" does not leave indifferent both consumers and gardeners. It is richly yellow in color, incredibly tasty, very juicy and fragrant. In addition, peaches have a very high-quality look.

Reviews of Russian gardeners about this variety are few, but always positive, due not only to the high productivity of the Fleming Fury peach and the excellent taste characteristics of the fruits, but also to the excellent transportability of the harvested crop. Fruits perfectly carry transportation over considerable distances and are able to maintain their original appearance and taste for five to six days.

How to plant a peach

Given the excellent varietal characteristics and the possibility of transporting the crop, the cultivation of the Fleming Fury peach for the purpose of marketing is economically viable.