Cabbage "Moscow late": growing technology

Cabbage "Moscow late": growing technology

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Cabbage "Moscow Late" belongs to the category of late-ripening varieties, which are characterized by high productivity, excellent presentation and are especially popular among gardeners near Moscow. The originator of the variety is VNIISSOK. This late-ripening variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the North-West, Central, Volga-Vyatka and Far Eastern regions.

Description and characteristics of the variety

The yield of head of cabbage averages 743.5 kg / ha. The maximum yield of not less than 1015 c / ha. Standard output of marketable products at the level of 90-97%.

Cabbage "Moscow late 15" belongs to the category of kilo-resistant, and in addition it is unpretentious and has a sufficiently large number of advantages that make this variety very popular for cultivation in household and garden plots.

Head outMaturationAdvantagesAppointmentProductivity
Very dense, does not crack, rounded. On the cross section, the middle is whitish yellow.
The leaves are grayish-green, juicy, sweet and crunchy. Average weight no more than 7 kg
125-150 daysHigh in sugars and ascorbic acid. The variety is resistant to keel and cracking. High yield, excellent taste and marketabilityFor fresh consumption, pickling, canning and long-term storageNot less than 10-12 kg / sq. m

Growing Features

Domestic cabbage of the Moscow Late variety can be grown through seedlings or by direct sowing in the ground. Late-ripening varieties in central Russia have been sown since about April 10, and the average growing time of seedlings is approximately 30-35 days. Besides, late ripe cabbage "Moscow Late" can be planted on ridges in the ground (under a film cover) from the last decade of April.

When growing seedlings of late ripe cabbage, you must pay attention to the following requirements:

  • when growing, you can use the picking method or direct sowing in separate planting tanks with the subsequent removal of the weakest plants from a pair of seedlings;
  • for late-ripe cabbage, the standard size of the planting cell should be 8x8 cm, which will provide the optimal nutritional area of ​​seedlings;
  • so that the seedlings do not stretch and get as strong as possible, the temperature on sunny days should be kept at 15-17 ° C, on cloudy days - not more than 13-15 ° C, and at night the temperature should be no more than 7-10 ° C .

Care for seedlings of this variety is standard and consists in regular watering, as well as a single application of complex fertilizers. High-quality seedlings should be strong, have 5-6 leaves and a well-developed root system. Seedlings are planted at the age of about one and a half months, adhering to a pattern of 60-70 x60-70 cm.

How to plant cabbage

Productivity Secrets

For the successful cultivation of late ripe white cabbage, it is necessary to conduct proper and regular care of the vegetable crop.

Irrigation ActivitiesParticularly plentiful watering is needed in dry periods. Watering is carried out under the root in the evening. At the final ripening period, watering should be reduced so that the cabbage heads do not crack
Fertilizer applicationThe first feeding is carried out three weeks after planting, and the second and third - no earlier than 12 and 24 days after the first. It is recommended to use diluted bird droppings or slurry. Plants respond well to mulching with humus or compost

Cabbage ridges should be regularly cleaned of weeds, and after watering and rains, shallow cultivation and hilling of the vegetable crop should be carried out.

To protect against diseases and pests, you can use modern insectofungicides or use folk remedies, including wood ash, dolomite flour, as well as decoctions or infusions of tomato tops, garlic, wormwood and onions.

Reviews of summer residents

Cabbage varieties "Moscow late" - this is one of the best varieties for pickling. It is from this variety that the highest grade of sauerkraut under the name "Provencal" is made. According to gardeners, the variety has proven itself very well during long-term storage throughout the winter period, but the taste and quality of heads of cabbage received the highest ratings and positive reviews.

Cabbage: variety selection

The main advantage of the variety is its high yield, excellent taste and marketability. The variety does not require special soil and climatic conditions, and its cultivation is not particularly difficult for both experienced vegetable growers and beginner gardeners. Heads are quite large. Despite the fact that the description of the variety assumes a maximum weight of head of cabbage at 7 kg, in home gardens under favorable weather conditions and good care, the weight can reach 9-10 kg.