Strawberry "Kamrad winner": the rules and features of growing

Strawberry "Kamrad Winner" is a fairly rare large-fruited variety of garden strawberries, bred by German professional breeders. Ripening period is medium late. High yield is achieved when planting strawberry bushes in an amount of not more than four plants per square meter of ridge.

Grade characteristics

Strawberry "Kamrad winner" forms quite tall and powerful bushes, the height of which reaches 38-40 cm. The leaves are wide, dark green in color, flowers are large, white. During the season, the plant forms about two fairly high peduncles, on which more than ten large and beautiful berries ripen.

This variety of garden strawberry belongs to the large-fruited category, and when harvesting the first crop, the average weight of the berries exceeds 40-45 g. The berries are bright, red, with a characteristic sheen, juicy and very sweet.

Strawberry "Kamrad winner": features of the variety

Landing requirements

The further productivity and quality of the crop depends on how correctly the strawberry Kamrad Winner is planted:

  • if the soil is strongly acidic, it should be fertilized with lime about a year before planting garden strawberries at the rate of 1 glass for every 1 m²;
  • the standard scheme for growing garden strawberries is 60x20 cm, but it is recommended to plant this variety with a distance of strawberry bushes from 50 to 55 cm from each other, placing ridges from east to west and maintaining a distance between rows of 70 cm;
  • with insufficient soil fertility, a small amount of humus should be added to each landing hole;
  • when planting, you should monitor the deepening of plants.

Immediately after planting, strawberry bushes are irrigated by sprinkling, which will moisten the soil to the depth of planting. During the week, careful irrigation measures should be carried out that will maintain optimal soil moisture indicators. With proper planting and good care, the survival period of seedlings is no more than a week.

Care Features

It should be remembered that the survival of plants, their further development and productivity indicators depend not only on the quality of planting material. Strawberries from the German selection Kamrad Winner are large-fruited, therefore increased demands are made on the implementation of care at all stages of plant growth and development:

  • watering strawberry bushes after planting, it is necessary to ensure that the water does not expose the root system and does not flood the central part or “heart” with liquid soil;
  • in early spring, fertilizing garden strawberries with ammonium nitrate is necessarily carried out at the rate of 10 g per 1 sq. m;
  • in the phase of active flowering, it is desirable to treat strawberry plants with the fruit stimulator “Ovary”;

  • To combat the main pests and diseases, it is necessary to treat strawberries with special preparations, among which Fitosporin and Colloidal Sulfur have good effectiveness;
  • When cultivating garden strawberries of the Kamrad Pobeditel variety several times during the season, you should not only irrigate and fertilize, but also weed the plants, loosen the soil, cut off the mustache, and also remove old leaves and use protective preventive spraying.

After the last gathering of berries in autumn, it is necessary to cover strawberry ridges with spruce spruce branches or dry raspberry branches. The use of hay or foliage is ineffective and very often becomes the result of the breeding of garden strawberries. In the absence of natural covering material, it is allowed to shelter strawberry bushes with Agroteks.

Gardeners reviews

A strawberry called “Kamrad Winner” has positive reviews and appreciation from both professional and novice gardeners. This very early variety forms simply gigantic berries in size and weight, the weight of which, with good and proper care, can vary from 40 to 100 g. Especially large first berries.

The taste is great. The berries are very sweet, with a delicate and fragrant flesh. Bright red flesh has a high sugar content. The description of the variety assumes a very good drought tolerance and frost resistance, which is also confirmed by reviews of gardeners.

Spring strawberry care: the first top dressing

To obtain very large and maximally juicy berries, you need to carry out high-quality feeding at least twice a season. The presence of large berries, which quite often under weight fall to the ground, involves the use of mulch or a black film on the ridges. Abundant fruiting is observed for at least five years, after which strawberry bushes are replaced with new ones. The mustache grows and takes root quite well, therefore, problems with the reproduction of this sortana arise.