Pear "Svarog": characteristics of the variety and methods of protection against codling moth

Autumn pear variety "Svarog" belongs to the category of early. The variety was developed by specialists of the horticultural research institute of Siberia named after M. A. Lisavenko. The Ussuri pear and the Beres Bosk variety were used as the parent pair.

Pear "Svarog" zoned for cultivation in many regions of Russia. Description of the variety and characteristics are given by the authors - breeders I. P. Kalinina, I. A. Puchkin and G. N. Baykova. The variety has been highly praised by consumers and gardeners.

Varietal characteristic of a pear

The pear variety with the unusual name "Svarog" forms a medium-sized tree with a rounded and thickened crown. The bark is grayish-brown in color, flaky. The shoots are characterized by a slight arcuate, dark reddish-brown staining and pronounced pubescence at the ends.

Leaflets are small, elliptical, with a helical tip, light green staining. Wrinkle is expressed, and there is also slight pubescence.

Fruits weighing 77-79 g. They have a conical or pear-shaped shape. The skin is not rough, but without a pronounced shine. The main staining at the removable maturity stage is green. At the stage of consumer maturity, staining is yellow. The integumentary staining is blurry or striped, reddish in color, with a characteristic slight blush. The subcutaneous points are small, greenish, pronounced. Ripe pulp of cream coloring, very gentle and juicy. The taste is sweet and sour.

Indicators of the content of the main elements in ripe fruits:

  • total sugar content - not more than 9.5%;
  • titrated acid content is slightly less than 0.5%;
  • the content of tannins is about 170 mg;
  • the ascorbic acid content is just over 9 mg.

Removable harvest ripeness falls on the last decade of September. Harvested fruits enter the period of consumer maturity in the first decade of October.

Shelf life of the crop at room temperature is at least two to three weeks. When stored in a refrigerator, the marketable and taste qualities of pears are preserved until mid-January.

Pear "Svarog": variety features

Ways to protect against pear moth

A pear variety called "Svarog" quite often is struck by a monophage very common in our country - a pear moth (Cydia pyrivora). This butterfly from the family of leafworms causes significant harm not only to cultivars grown in home gardens, but also to wild species of pear. Fruit trees cultivated in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions, as well as in the foothills of the North Caucasus and Dagestan, suffer most from the pest.

Currently, gardeners are actively using several methods to combat this malicious butterfly:

  • purification of dead bark, which will destroy the wintering larvae of the moth;
  • deep plowing of the soil between the rows and around the trunk circles in the autumn;
  • the systematic use of pheromone traps for catching males in the garden;
  • competent pruning of shoots that were attacked by caterpillars and adult plant parasites;

  • the use of special hunting belts on garden trees and the regular collection of carrion;
  • compulsory collection and burning of foliage in the autumn.

The use of non-chemical agents, namely infusions of volatile plants, gives a good result. High efficiency possess infusions of wormwood bitter and tomato tops. Such remedies are recommended to be used a couple of weeks after the plants bloom. Repeat treatment should be at least three times, maintaining an interval between sprayings of about a week.

With a massive accumulation of plant parasite in garden plantings, it is advisable to use modern highly effective chemical preparations, which include Alatar and Fufanon. For processing it is also possible to apply "Benzophosphate" once.

Gardeners reviews

According to gardeners, when cultivating the Svarog pear variety on depleted and insufficiently moist soils, a sharp deterioration in the taste of ripe fruits is often observed.

After planting the plants on a permanent place, fruiting occurs approximately in the fourth or fifth year. Fruiting is very regular, but not plentiful enough. The variety is characterized by satisfactory winter hardiness and high resistance to damage by fungal diseases.

Pear: variety selection

According to gardeners, the value of the variety lies in a very salable condition and high consumer qualities of ripe fruits. However, it should be remembered that this variety of pear is demanding on cultivation conditions. It is important to know that this variety is characterized by pronounced thickening of the crown, so the plant needs timely and competent pruning. As for the purpose of the fruit, the Svarog pear has not only proved itself fresh, but also perfectly retains taste indices after technical processing.