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What to do if onions rot in the ground

Hello. Please help with advice. My onions rot in the ground. The turnip rots at the root. What can be done?


Most likely this is an onion fly. This season I just didn’t do anything, I poured ammonia, manganese, salt, ash, tobacco dust ... Anyway, the larvae eat, the onion rots. It remains only to dance in the full moon with a tambourine around the garden, what if it helps?

maybe a nematode and a fly ... you don’t need a tambourine, you need a normal intecticide! These creatures have not responded to ash and soap for a long time ....

I did not get that. What do you need?

Buy Alatar according to the instructions! Just don’t buy a spark, it hasn’t acted on them for a long time either .... and leave the onions for food;

thanks a lot.

not at all .... this year there are so many different creatures that this is not the time for ash, soap and ammonia .... then experiment when there is no threat to remain without a crop))

This year I bought a garden, and just shocked by the huge number of critters. Here the onion has already not just processed, it turns yellow, there is no strength to cope. I'll try another alatar.

and not dangerous with insecticides? I read that onions accumulate poisons in themselves.

there may be a worm in the feather))) do not panic, this is a weevil))) the alatar will help .... And as I already said - LUCKY THOSE WHO THIS YEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME TAKEN IN THE GARDEN AND THE GARDEN - YOU WILL LEARN VERY MUCH !!! The year is rich in disease and creeping flying crap))

That's for sure. I’ve tortured mom with my calls. She says that in our region there is some kind of infection in the gardens.

the value of poisons is exaggerated! Yes, it’s better not to eat for three weeks, but if there is a question - to remain without a crop and then buy a store (and believe me, they didn’t sprinkle ash ...) or process it, then I chose the second ... And by the way, I have one from the whole village, apples were preserved, onions, cabbage and even a little cherry))

it's everywhere))) apocalypse)))

Many cucumbers are also problematic. I’ve been leaving my own, as if with a little lad. Now pleasing. I’m not so upset because of the onion, because I don’t have one such problem. It’s a pity of course, if God forbid it disappears.

and maybe for one tell me how to get rid of raspberry-strawberry weevil. Fufanon did not help in the spring, and when the berries began to be tied, I started infusion of onion husks and celandine sprinkled. The weevil on me probably laughed)) Maybe after picking berries something to process?

I’m on the contrary with cucumbers - I threw it on an open ridge and do not run in circles))) weeded, loosened everything! It rained for a week, then it was nightly cold, I was like a boa constrictor))) my hands itched to grab a covering or a film, but I restrained myself))) The result is thick, hefty, grow up without paying attention to anything))) and the neighbor’s groomed and well-groomed - skinny and frail ....

I didn’t come across, but now it’s definitely impossible to zeal ...

lucky for your pickles.

All the same with me. They planted on May 9th, I think that this weekend we will eat cucumbers. I forgot to make a weekend, this time. Many say that there are no cucumbers, then they froze and then dried up.

pamper because)) .... but I have a couple of fat fatteners in the greenhouse too))

This is in my open field, and in the greenhouse yesterday I pulled my grandson 2 pieces

Last year, I read advice in this group - from the very first day of planting, pollinate the onion with ash, planted it, sprinkled it with ash, repeated it a few days later, after the rain again sprinkled every onion with ash, the onion was green, and last year I could not look at the onion without tears, before the feather appeared, it began to turn yellow ...